Climate change and abnormal autumn

After a summer characterised by drought and high temperaturesautumn confirmed the same trend. In Italy it was hottest autumn everwith an increase in average temperature of almost 1 grade and low rainfall, linked to violent atmospheric phenomena.

The source of the data, Coldiretti, painted a worrying picture confirming the reductionone of rainfall by 1/3 in the first nine months of this year and illustrated the damage this prolonged summer temperatures will cause: leaves will not fall from the trees, blossoms will start early, and buds will be dangerously exposed to frost, producing a significant drop in agricultural production.

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The landscape is increasingly alarming and the UN is calling for more stringent measures against climate change, the latest report of the United Nations Climate Change Conventionone speaks clearly, even if we comply with all the planned measures, the average temperature is still set to rise by 2.5 degrees above pre-industrial averages.

It becomes clear that everyone's commitment is needed to mitigate the environmental and human health consequences of this temperature rise.

Let us try to summarise in a list what behaviour each of us can put in place to protect the planet from climate collapse:

? Ecological use of household appliances in the kitchen;
? Combating waste in the kitchen;
? Optimising water consumption in the kitchen;
? Living in an environmentally sustainable way;
? Choosing renewable energy for the home;
? Making our kitchen environmentally friendly.

In these insights you will find many useful tips to reduce the waste of resources and counteract the environmental impact of our activities in the home.

Companies, as well as individual citizens, are also called upon to behave more respectfully, striving to improve their internal production processesto design and manufacture products that are attentive to the origin of the raw material, intended for a longer life cycle, recyclable and reusable in the production chainone.

Plados Telmasince its founding, has made important commitments to sustainability, considering it a strategic driver of designone and implementationone; our research and development laboratory constantly invests in resources capable of generating innovationone in materials.

If you are interested in learning more about our ecological sinks, contact us.

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