Installation methods

All our sinks can be installed in the most traditional way, above the worktop (standard or top installation), or they can be installed under the worktop (undermount). The under-top installation kit is supplied with models designed for this type of installation (ONE and CUBE series) and with the AM8620ST model. For all other models, the under-top one installation kit can be purchased separately as an optional accessory (code GANCIST10).


Installation methods 1

First fasten the mounting brackets (4) to the sink using the provided screws, then place sealant strips (available at hardware stores) or silicone (1) along the edge of the countertop hole and insert the sink, taking care to ensure that it adheres to the insulating material. Then tighten the mounting brackets with a screwdriver, making sure that the sink adheres to the insulating material (1) and the worktop. For more details please watch our video tutorial.

Standard installation tutorial:


The pictures show three typical ways of installation under the worktop:

Installation methods 2
Solution A

The edges of the countertop and the sink coincide. (Solution suggested by our company)

Installation methods 3
Solution B

The top extends beyond the edge of the sink, covering it on all sides. The edge of the sink is hidden under the top.

Installation methods 4
Solution C

The edge of the sink is partially visible.

Installation methods 5
Installation methods 6
Installation methods 7
Templates for under-top installation in PDF and DWG format can be downloaded from each model page.


On request it is possible to supply the sinks of the series ONE/CUBE and ELEGANCE/AMANDA for the flush-mount installation. The pictures show the trimming on the whole perimeter of the sink, in order to obtain an angle with inclination equal to 15°.

Installation methods 8


Plados-Telma sinks are equipped with pre-punched holes (figure A) positioned on both sides to choose where to place the mixer and accessories.
ATTENTION! In order to avoid possible damage to the sink, it is advisable to drill these holes using 35-37 mm diamond drills following the procedure illustrated in figures B and C. On request Plados-Telma supplies the complete drilling kit (code KITFRESA - photo D) consisting of
joint + cutter, or cutter only (code FRESA - photo E).

Installation methods 9
Installation methods 10


The following accessories are included with the sink:

- Stainless steel drain Ø90 mm (3"1/2).
- Space-saving siphon with dishwasher connection.
- Fixing hooks.

All of our sinks are individually packaged in sturdy
cardboard boxes. The most delicate parts of the sink are protected
by special reinforcements.

Installation methods 11

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