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Our composite material consists of microparticles of granite and natural quartz at 80%, and acrylic resin at 20%.

Yes, our sinks can withstand thermal shocks, even the most violent ones, and very high temperatures (up to 280°C) without suffering permanent damage. Attention: very hot pots or bodies (they can reach higher temperatures like 600°C) must ABSOLUTELY be placed on trivets

The very high percentage of mineral filler in the mixture makes our sinks very resistant to scratches, nicks and wear.

Each sink has been tested according to the regulations in force, making it suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Plados Telma composite materials are very easy to clean. The non-porous surface allows a quick cleaning of the sink using a normal detergent and the simple action of a soft cloth or a sponge. The sink will always look fresh, clean and hygienic.

PladosTelma has created a line of detergents specifically for composite sinks.

Cleaning products can be purchased at our online shop.

For information and practical advice, you can consult our page dedicated to the care and maintenance of the sink, click HERE.

Do not use detergents containing alkaline substances or aggressive and corrosive liquids (such as ammonia, caustic soda, disgorging agents), do not remove residual dirt with steel wool pads or abrasive sponges that could damage the surface.

In our product range there are Mixers, Ovens, Hobs and Hoods with the same colour as the sink.

Our sinks can be drilled with a diamond drill with a diameter of 35-37 mm. All sinks are equipped with pre-punched holes. In most models there are more pre-punched holes in order to choose where to place the faucet and eventually install a soap dispenser or a purified water tap.

PladosTelma sinks are guaranteed for 10 years against breakage due to thermal shock and manufacturing defects, with the exception of the Nanostone finish guaranteed for 20 years. It is possible to download the manual of use-certificate of guarantee. HERE

With regular care and proper household use, steel sinks will not rust, or in extremely rare cases.

  • Some warnings and practical advice:
  • Remove dirt and limescale deposits regularly.
  • Do not use aggressive and corrosive cleaning agents.
  • Avoid direct and prolonged contact with metal objects, pots and pans, etc.

Our sinks are designed for installation and use in indoor domestic spaces only.


The mixers are guaranteed for 2 years. The warranty is valid in the presence of a fiscally valid purchase document (invoice, fiscal receipt or receipt) issued by the seller.

The warranty conditions exist only in the event of a lack of conformity attributable to the manufacturer and the performance of the product is compromised by faults caused within the material or during the manufacturing process. The warranty does not include labor costs for the replacement of defective parts, nor requests for compensation for direct or indirect damages suffered or arising.

The warranty conditions do not apply to defects caused by a third party due to:

  • Handling of the product, installation not in accordance with the installation instructions, maintenance not in accordance with our care conditions,
  • Repairs and maintenance carried out in an unsuitable manner and without prior authorisation from the Company.
  • Use of spare parts not manufactured by us,
  • Connections, bending or damage during installation, scratches on the surface.

Deterioration of chrome surfaces due to the use of cleaning products containing acids or abrasive substances.

There may be a problem with the hoses. If this is the case, check to see if they need tightening or replacing.

The problem could be related to the mixer cartridge or to the gasket only. If under warranty, you can open a report via our service form.


The hobs and ovens are guaranteed for 2 years.

3 ways to request assistance:

  • call the toll-free number 800 814802
  • Write an e-mail to the following address [email protected]
  • Fill in the assistance form to be contacted by one of our operators.

We recommend that you read the instruction booklet carefully. If the problem persists, contact the dedicated assistance service number: +39 0733 880301


We do not sell directly to the public, but we sell throughout Italy through authorised distributors. Fill in this form to find your nearest distributor.

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