Over 30 years of experience and know-how in composite materials

Delta Lab is the Plados-Telma Group's division dedicated to research, development and innovaone tion, as well as to the production and formulation of quartz-based acrylic materials for its own production of kitchen sinks and to the production of aluminium trihydrate-based acrylic formulations for the bathroom sector and the furniture industry as a whole.

  1. Delta Lab

    Delta Lab dispone of a state-of-the-art chemical-physical laboratory equipped with advanced research instruments, where staff with high technical-scientific skills operate, capable of performing numerous chemical and mechanical tests, both for internal purposes and for external, public or private entities. In fact, Delta Lab's staff includes specialised technicians, mechanical and chemical engineers, innovators and university researchers, collaborating for many years with the Chemistry Department of the University of Camerino.

  2. The Structure

    An area of 3,500 square metres includes offices, test areas, chemical-physical laboratories, a unique European raw material transformazione and production plant, developed with state-of-the-art technology and fully automated, and extensive storage areas for raw materials such as mineral fillers and polymers.

  3. Chemical Analysis

    Using standardised and accurate control procedures, we analyse every raw material involved in the production process, the characteristics of incoming raw materials, semi-finished products and composite materials. We study and optimise chemical formulations and assess the quality consistency of the various components. To do this, we make use of state-of-the-art technological instruments: digital viscosimeters, spectro-photo-colourimeters for colour definition, DEA, DSC, Rheometers, automated thermobalances, electronic microscopes, mixers, vertical agitators, plate moulding simulators, thermostatic baths and muffles.

  4. Chemical-Physical Tests

    We have dedicated an entire area to performing chemical-physical tests on applied products. We carry out tests on our composite materials during product development, to improve their technical characteristics and avoid the occurrence of defects in use, and to extend the life of the product in the customer's home, such as: hardness measurement with an HRM hardness tester, instant impact resistance by Charpy Resilience, elastic traction modules with an HRM hardness tester, and instant impact resistance with an HRM hardness tester, instant impact resistance by means of the ?Charpy Resilience?, elastic trazione and flexione modules, scratch resistance by means of the ?SCRATCH test? and ?TABER test? to measure the resistance to abrasionone on sink surfaces. The R&D laboratory applies all quality control procedures according to the ISO 9001 standard.

  5. Our projects of
    Research & Development

    Delta's R&D team, our driving force for innovation in both product and process, works crosswise and synergistically with the production and design process. Several R&D projects addressing environmental and eco-sustainable issues have been developed and successfully completed by the company.

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