We put product quality at the centre and wanted to make it accessible to everyone. A commitment that has allowed us to obtain important national and international recognition and, above all, the trust of our customers. Producing quality objects also responds to a precise philosophy of living, consistent with the health of persone and the environment. The entire value chain, research and the use of innovative technologies and materials reflect the desire to reduce the impact of the production processes and extend the life cycle of the objects: a gesture of care and respect for the planet and for the people for whom our products are intended. Plados Telma produces top quality sinks designed to last over time with the conviction that durability is an aspect of quality that cannot be ignored.


An exclusive material of the latest generation, one, NANOSTONE is composed of pure acrylic resin and a mix of high-tech mineral fillers, designed to develop a 3D network of hydrogen bonds between them by means of a chemical process. The molecular network strengthens the internal structure of the sink, making it more resistant to impact and thermal shock. The new composite material has a stronger structure and a silky pleasant feel. 

  • N1 - Pure White

  • N3 - Argan

  • N4 - Urban Grey

  • N6 - Deep Black


The metallescent particles in the mix together with quartz and granite crystals create metallic tones and finishes in the sink surfaces. Cool colours, satin-finished surfaces and a metallescent effect make the Ultrametal sink particularly idoneo modern settings and to match stainless steel appliances, which are often found in kitchens. A Ultrametal sink is easy to clean, very hygienic and resistant to scratches, chemicals, heat and high temperatures.

  • 42 - Aluminium

  • 42 - Titanium

  • 14 - Concrete

  • 44 - Black


The very high surface concentration (more than 80%) of quartz and granite microparticles generated by a sophisticated sedimentation process during production gives microULTRAGRANITP67T extraordinary aesthetic characteristics and a pleasant effect to the touch, combined with very high surface hardness, resistance to chemical agents, heat and scratching.

  • 55 - Sahara

  • 56 - Jasmine

  • 58 - Milk White

  • 70 - Black Matt

  • 72 - Truffle

  • 90 - Opal White

  • 94 - Avena

  • 95 - Black Ebony

  • 98 - White

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