Sustainability 1

Renewable energy

In addition to efforts to reduce energy consumption, the Plados Telma group has introduced measures to cover its energy needs through renewable sources. The company has recently installed a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the Montecassiano plant. The solar energy generated by the photovoltaics will be fully absorbed and used by our plants and will avoid the emission of 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. It can be estimated that around 20,000 trees would be needed to absorb this avoided amount of CO2.

Electricity consumption covered
by photovoltaics.

Tons less
emissions per year.

Trees needed for
absorb the avoided CO2.

Sustainability 2

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the majority of people. This involves a long-term commitment to sustainability and thus an overall positive impact on the environment and human beings. To achieve this goal, Plados Telma group is committed to ensuring that its products range is offered at competitive prices without being detrimental to the environment and people. In order to translate the sense of social and environmental responsibility into concrete actions, the group has been promoting for years and with increasing emphasis, environmentally friendly products that allow the end user to make significant savings in water and energy. Our environmental strategy is expressed in every act of the life of its products, from the conception to the supply of raw materials, from the production chain to the distribution, to the use, until the end of the life cycle, when the object becomes waste and must be disposed of or recycled. Our suppliers are committed not to use child labor and to respect ethical, social and environmental laws and values. Our commitment to the environment and social issues is made of motivation, awareness, investment and consistency.

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