Ecological sinks for ecological kitchens

Attentionone to environmentally friendly behaviour in the home is a growing attitude that affects many aspects of our daily lives: we choose our furnishing materials more carefully to avoid the concentrationone of pollutants in the airwe have learned to use responsibly water and home applianceswe limit the amount of chemical detergents in favour of do-it-yourself detergents.

However, many are unaware that sustainability is an approach that can also guide the choice of kitchen sink.

< Scopri i lavelli ecologici ARIA PURA di Plados Telma! >

The Plados Telma research and development laboratory has developed two sustainable technologies throughout the production chain that have an important antibacterial function and help purify the air circulating in the kitchen.

Ecological sinks for ecological kitchens: PURE AIR

PURE AIR is the innovative Plados Telma technology applied to sinks that makes them 100% antibacterial.
It is not a surface coating but the azione of nanoparticles embedded in the mass of the product that does not wear off over time or with cleaning.
In addition, the kitchen sink with PURE AIR technology is equipped with self-cleaning azione, drips slide off easily and carry away debris and bacteria.

Ecological sinks for ecological kitchens: NANOSTONE

NANOSTONE is an innovative material that guarantees excellent performance in use and a powerful antibacterial azione due to its mixture of various minerals and nanometric titanium dioxide.

? More resistant to thermal shock
? More impact resistant
? Silky to the touch
? 20-year warranty

If you are interested in learning more about the features of the Plados Telma ecological sinks, visit our sito.

What are the best modern-style kitchen sinks?

Choosing a kitchen sink means having to take into consideration many aspects concerning forma, dimensione, the type of recess, the material of composione. Choosing a sink means finding the right combination of beauty, functionality and quality, also in terms of strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

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