Why choose renewable energy for the home?

How many and what small actions can each of us do every day to protect the health of the planet and our own? So many!
Some of these actions have already become habits such as sorting waste for example. Others of these small actions are about the responsible use of valuable resources such as the?water or of the home appliances.
We have also seen how quick and easy it is to prepare ecological detergents at home without resorting to chemical products that pollute the domestic air.
Another small azione that each of us can do to take care of the environment and our health is to choose green energy for the home.

What is meant by renewable energy?

Green energy means energy produced not from fossil fuels but from renewable energy sources such as wind or photovoltaics.
Renewable energies are so-called renewable energies because they do not run out but are continually renewed and do not pollute.

Is renewable energy within everyone's reach?

Everyone can have clean energy for their home and it is not necessary to have a photovoltaic system on the roof; there are many suppliers of green electricity from renewable sources with whom you can contract.

Choosing a green energy supplier for one's home is one of those sustainable actions that we can all take for the benefit of our health and the environment; it costs nothing, the price of energy is not increased due to its renewable nature, and the more persone choose green energy for their home, the more clean energy will pass through the national grid.

Plados Telma decided to invest in renewable energies and a few months ago built a photovoltaic system on the industrial roofs of two of the company's most important factories.
Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the immissionone of clean energy into the national power grid.

Sustainability is only a value when we start doing concrete things to improve the state of the environment, like turning on the electric light switch in a room and turning it off when we leave it.

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Production wasteone and the circular economy
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