Why choose an antibacterial sink

We have already dealt with the topic of?domestic pollution or the contaminationone of the air we breathe in at home, which contains many substances that make it unhealthy; we also addressed the topic of how improve the quality of the air we breathe in the kitchenrecommending the use of do-it-yourself detergents and pointing out some plants that are able to capture harmful substances in the air, thus contributing to a healthier environment.
In this in-depth study we want to discuss the advantages of having a antibacterial sink in the kitchen and ensure greater safety and health.

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Germs and bacteria lurk almost everywhere in the home but it is especially in the kitchen that we must be carefulone because the kitchen is the place where they can contaminate the food we eat.

In order to reduce the risk of contamination, it is useful to take a few useful precautions:

? Frequent hand washing and wipe with paper rather than tea towels, as these are among the greatest receptacles for germs and bacteria. Always take careone to keep your nails clean and get into the habit of cooking using latex gloves;
? Changing the dish sponge often and wash it frequently in lukewarm water and bleach, then rinse thoroughly;
? Using different cutting boards to handle different foods and before washing them, they should be sanitised by soaking in water and vinegar;
? Do not handle raw food with your handswe risk contaminating everything we touch after we have treated it, e.g. water faucets or kitchen door knobs;
? Keep support surfaces sanitised;
? Clean the phone screen with specific productsMore and more frequently we use it to follow tutorials or video cooking recipes.

Of all sources of contamination, the kitchen sink holds an alarming record. A survey conducted by the?Hygiene Council of Great Britain revealed that kitchen sinks harbour more bacteria than the handles and buttons used to activate the toilet flushone.

Plados Telma developed a technology, ARIAPURAwhich makes the anti-bacterial sink 100%thus contributing to a healthier and safer cuisine.

The ARIAPURA technology consists of addingone to the material of the sinks of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles performing their funzione antibacterial long, over the entire life cycle of the sink, even in the event of wear and tear or scratches.
In addition to the antibacterial one, the ARIAPURA technology ensures an funzione self-cleaningwater drops tend to slide more easily along the sink surface, carrying away debris and preventing damaging accumulation.

ARIAPURA is a Plados Telma international patentthe result of constant commitment in research and development of products that can really improve the quality of life of persone.

If you are interested in learning more about our company and our products, contact us. We will be happy to present ourselves in more detail.


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