Cooking with Christmas leftovers

In the wake of the intentionone to give you some tips for celebrating a Environmentally friendly Christmas we would also like to offer you some suggestions for avoiding food waste and learning to cook with leftovers.

A study conducted in 2020 by Ener2Crowd shows that during the holidays, Italians waste an amount of food equal to 500,000 tonnes for an expenditure of 80? per household. This is a pure carbon footprint as wasted food becomes waste that needs to be disposed of.

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Food waste is closely linked to our habits since a good portion of food ends up in the rubbish without even passing through our tables. We overestimate the quantity of the portions that we really need and we do not pay enough attention to food storage. One above all, the wording 'best before date': foodstuffs bearing this wording can be consumed even a few days after the date on the packaging.

In this article, we would like to offer you some tips to avoid throwing away some of the typical foods on our Christmas tables.

Cooking with leftover pasta and rice

Leftover pasta and rice can easily be recycled, the pasta can be baked with a little b├ęchamel and butter and become a crispy sformato. The rice, on the other hand, can be used to make patties to be stir-fried or fried for a perfect appetiser to accompany a glass of wine.

Cooking with leftover fish

Leftover fish, with the addition of rice, can transformarsi into a delicious paella or into croquettes to be browned in the oven, perhaps adding some chopped grilled vegetables to the mix.

Cooking with leftover meat

Leftover meat can be cut into fillets and added to a cold salad, or it can be mixed with an egg and some breadcrumbs and transforma into a meatloafone to be baked in the oven with some potatoes.

Cooking with leftover Christmas sweets

Even leftover cakes can be recycled. Panettone and pandoro can replace ladyfingers in the preparation of tiramisu, or added to eggs, flour and milk, they can become a delicious cake to bake in the oven. You can also create delicious kebabs with pandoro and panettone pieces alternating with fresh fruit or use the slices for sweet toast with butter and jam.

In this article, we have offered some useful tips to avoid wasting food during the Christmas holidays.
Learning to live more sustainably does not at all mean having to give up the pleasure of sitting down to eat at Christmas, it means sitting down to eat with more awareness and attention to precious resources that abound to the point of waste in our part of the world and are lacking elsewhere, remembering that every action we take, even the smallest one, has an impact on the environment and all the creatures that inhabit it, including people.

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