What does ecological tourism mean?

Sustainability has become part of our daily routines in the home: we pay attentionone to the resources, all?use of household appliances, all?indoor pollution, to avoiding food wastebecause it is now clear to us what is the real state of health of the planet and we learnt that we too we can make a difference with our small daily actions.

With the arrival of summer, our little buone actions for the planet have to go on holiday with us, and so in this in-depth look we want to give you some tips for being eco-tourists.

Being an eco-tourist means letting yourself inspired by the values of sustainability which has within it respect for peopleone, things and the environment. Travelling sustainably means encountering cultures other than our owntraditions, customs and traditions different from our own. There are tour operators specialised in travel that allow tourists to stay in facilities that respect the environment and local culture, and that allow local communities to benefit economically from tourist activities.

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Being an eco-tourist also means experiencing travel in an alternative way, e.g. on foot or by bicycle. There is nothing more "natural" than walking, and many persones, in recent years, have discovered how exciting and evocative it can be to move around on foot, in the midst of nature, alone or in groups, and rediscover simpler ways of enjoying leisure time on holiday.

Also the cycling is catching on, our country offers cycling enthusiasts many routes and cycle paths within protected natural areas that offer the opportunity to discover hidden corners not yet explored by mass tourism.

As an alternative to two wheels and walking there are always car journeys; to be less of an impact on the planet you can renting electric cars for travel that produces less CO2. Lightening your luggage is a great way to impact on vehicle consumption and reduce environmental impact, as is taking along hygiene products that do not pollute and do not need to be disposed of.

In the mountains or at the seaside, the same precautions always apply, avoid leaving rubbish, respect the flora and fauna of the places we pass through and avoid taking home natural souvenirs such as sand, shells, plants.

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Production wasteone and the circular economy
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