The new normality arrives in the kitchen

The digital preview of Coop Report 2020 Consumption and lifestyles of the Italians of today and tomorrow that reveals the major changes the pandemic has brought about in our habits.

The data signals a decisive change of course: the pandemic has really marked a decisive before and after in spending and social habits and also in the way we live in our homes.

There is a significant reduction in expenditure on restaurants, bars and pubs, you favour your own home as a meeting place and indoor consumption tripled; the hobby of cooking and the trend towards healthy, do-it-yourself food grew by 36%; attention to health, wellbeing and hygiene increased; a greater environmental awareness is emerging.

With regard to respect for the environment, the data indicates that Italians consider the commitment to sustainability of the company they buy products and services from to be discriminating; an awareness that stems from the lesson of the pandemic, the well-being of the environment and the well-being of people is closely linked and we can no longer afford to think that this balance is impervious to the consequences of our actions.

If we wanted to summarize what the numbers tell us, we could say that the existential dimension of the future will be above all "home" and "green".

The numbers, after all, confirm the experience that each of us has had during the lock down: we have gone back to baking bread at home, we have experimented in the kitchen, our spaces have been transformed into open and functional environments, the living room has become a school for our children and an office for remote work.

The immobility to which we have been forced has transformed our homes into places that are no longer places of passage, but places in which to stay, stop and find pleasure in experiencing them.

They call it the "new normal" and it coincides exactly with our philosophy of inhabiting spaces; We have always designed products for kitchens that can really be lived in, beautiful to look at but not just beautiful to see, beautiful to spend time in, to put in disorder and comfortable to arrange, functional and durable, accessible to all because quality is a luxury that everyone should be able to afford, environmentally friendly because the boundary between our homes and the larger home that is nature is thin.

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MARLIC is a project funded by Regione Marche under the POR MARCHE and stands for Laboratorio di Ricerca Applicata nelle Marche per i Compositi Innovativi.

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