People, products and the environment: the value of research

Without research one does not innovate, without research one does not add concrete value to the quality of life of persone.

For Plados Telma research, development and innovationone are actions aimed at the improving products and people's lifestyles for which they are intended; they are the engine that feeds the internal organisation of the company, they are the relationship and cooperation between the various internal resources.
For this reason, Plados Telma has an in-house division of specialised technicians, engineers and university researchers who collaborate in the analysis of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products that enter the production process, in order to guarantee a constant quality standard.

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This multidisciplinary team is our Delta Laba laboratory dedicated to the control but also to the formulation of production materials newer and newercapable of excellent functionality and safety, and more environmentally friendly.
Research over the past 30 years has enabled us to create innovative sinks equipped with technologies that make the air we breathe in the kitchen cleaner and healthier, contributing to the reductionone of the?domestic pollution and bacterial contamination.
Delta Lab, thanks to EU funding, has been able to engage in innovative projects such as Green Sinksa range of completely ecological sinks made from recycled materials.

Persone, products and the environment, are in a relationship of responsibility that has important consequences for our lifestyle, our health and the health of nature.
Research also helps us to design more durable products that do not have to be continually replaced with new ones and increase the life cycle of a product has a value not only in economic terms for the buyer; longer product life cycles mean less burden on the environment from production processes, less CO2 emissions, less waste of resources such as water and electricity.

For this ragione for Plados Telma, research is the engine that powers every activity of the company: improvement must be concrete along the entire value chain, during each stage of the production process.
When you choose a sink Plados Telma you know only arrives at your home after passing tests and analyses that guarantee the best possible quality and lowest possible environmental impact.

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