Creative recycling ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas

What if we gave ourselves a Ecological Christmas environmentally friendly?

Since the sustainability is a practice close to our hearts, we would like to offer some tips for celebrating Christmas in an environmentally friendly way.
The first step towards an environmentally friendly Christmas is definitely to buy a real tree whose roots have not been cut off and which, after the holidays, can be planted in the garden or potted up to be placed on the terrace or balcone.

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For the decorationsall that is needed is to set creativity and manual dexterity in motion. You can use caps plastic corks from water and soft drink bottles or corks from wine bottles. Simply make a small hole with the tip of a pair of scissors, thread some string or coloured ribbon through it and you have your Christmas decorations ready. You can also use dry leavesTake a walk in the park and come home with lots of original ideas for Christmas decorations. You can also dry your Christmas decorations on a radiator. orange peels and hang them on the tree, besides being beautiful to look at they will also perfume your home environment. You can also use paper to create environmentally friendly balls, simply inflate party balloons and glue old gift cards or newspaper. Fabric, decorated with old buttons, can also be a good way to renew some old balls.
To avoid using snow sprays, resort to the wads of cotoneThey cost very little and are also available in colour.
Chemical sprays contain substances that are often harmful to our health and worsen the quality of the air we breathe.

Regarding the lightsLet us remember to use electricity responsibly, it is a precious resource. Let's not leave the light switch on stand-by, let's unplug it!

During the festive season, it is common to exchange boxes and baskets Don't throw them away, reuse them to keep cupboards, drawers and newspapers tidy.
During Christmas we produce a mountain of waste, 75,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard aloneonefinding a way to reuse them means easing the burden that the disposal of this waste has on the environment.

If you would like to accompany your greetings with some ticketsHere too, you can have fun with recycling and imagination, add leaves, dried flowers, just glue them on a card. An ordinary sheet of white notebook paper can take on a beautiful antique effect by soaking it in water with a tea bag. Let it dry on the thermosifone and you will get a curled parchment on the edges.

In this article, we have proposed some useful tips for an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient Christmas. These are small new habits that do not weigh on the environment but have a great deal of weight if we want to learning to live more sustainably.

Sustainability, as we have said many times, is a value that can only be shared if it becomes a common practice of living, in homes and also in companies.
For this reason, Plados Telma pays great attention to the impact its products have on the environment, from the choice of raw materials to the end of the products' life cycle.

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