Kitchen sinks: styles, colours and shapes

In a previous article we have deepened the materials players in the kitchen sink market, we have listed all the advantages of the composite and steel sink and given you an overview of the innovative materials that Plados Telma uses for the production of its kitchen sinks.
In this new in-depth analysis we would like to offer you some style ideas for renovate your kitchen simply by changing the sink and always combining aesthetics with functionality and quality of construction.
Plados Telma manufactures kitchen sinks that marry the freshest trends in home styling and are well suited to modern or classic or country style kitchens.

If you want to create a refined and elegant atmosphere, minimal and contemporary, choose a steel sink with simple lines or a composite sink from the line Corax o Infinity in black or carbonate. If you don't think black is the right colour to decorate your kitchen, you'll have to think again, because the effect is of great impact and, skilfully balanced with neutral colours, it will amaze you.
If you prefer warm atmospheres, inspired by country or old style, we suggest you take a look at Harmonythe result in a chic-romantic mood is assured. The wide range of shades in which it is available, from beige to black, is able to satisfy every need.
Once you have chosen the atmosphere you want to achieve and the material, you can move on to evaluate shapes and sizes. Plados Telma kitchen sinks are available in different recesses, sizes and shapes, single bowl, double bowl, with or without drainer.
Style, functionality, shapes, sizes and colours: when choosing a kitchen sink there are many aspects to be considered, not least the price.
Plados Telma designs kitchen sinks that combine style and quality at the right price, download our catalogues and find the right Plados Telma sink for you.

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