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What are the best modern-style kitchen sinks?

Choosing a kitchen sink means having to take into account many aspects concerning the onea forma, the dimensione, the type of embedding, the composition materialone. Choosing a sink means finding the right combinationone of beauty, functionality and quality, also understood as performance of strength, durability and ease of maintenanceone.
Plados Telma designs and manufactures kitchen sinks that combine these characteristics of design, functionality and high quality to meet all the needs of an environment, that of the kitchen, which is the heart of practical life in the home and also the most involving from the point of view of suggestions and emotions, both tactile and visual.

A high-quality kitchen sink can be a precious detail capable of making a kitchen your kitchen, which is why choosing it should merit the right attentionone to all its aspects, forma, dimensione, material compositionone, technical characteristics and performance.

Plados Telma is a company with a long history that has been able to carve out a reliable position on the market precisely because of the commitment it has always put into research and development of sinks that adapt to current furnishing trends and guarantee the customer a high-quality product from a technical point of view.

In this article we would like to introduce you to two modern-style kitchen sinks of great practicality and elegance.

Modern style kitchen sink: Plados Telma one LUX collection

The Plados Telma one LUX is a collection of sinks equipped with rails on which to place sliding accessories such as stainless steel bowls, tempered glass cutting boards, HPL bowl covers and much more. The accessories are available in different finishes to match any type of environment.

What are the best modern-style kitchen sinks? 1

LX8610 by LUX, one-bowl sink

Modern-style kitchen sink: Contempo by Plados Telma

Contempo is a modern reinterpretation of the washbasin of old farmhouses. It has a wide tap bench that can be used to store accessories and sinks. In addition, the guides at the edges of the basin are designed to make the sink compatible with a range of accessories that make certain operations even more practical and faster.

What are the best modern-style kitchen sinks? 2

Plados Telma sinks guarantee excellent performance in terms of stain, scratch, impact and heat resistance.

The best modern-style kitchen sinks are also environmentally friendly!

A high-quality sink, therefore, is a sink that ensures excellent performance in terms of durability and resistance and is the result of a research process that aims to meet high requirements of functionality, aesthetics and also innovationone.

Plados Telma has been committed to innovation in the industry for years; the company has embraced a path of sustainability since its early years and has recently introduced Rinnova, the green sink at origin, a sink with the ? 90% by componenti green.

A high-quality sink, then, is also a sink that is designed to satisfy not only the need for functionality and aesthetic appeal but also a sink that does not use virgin raw materials to be produced but converts recovered material with a view to optimisingone resources, respect for the environment and human health.

Kitchen sink mixers: how to choose?

Plados Telma propone a wide range of kitchen sink mixers that combine functionality and design and are suitable for any type of environment. The first step to follow in making your choice is the type of mixer that can be installed on the sink, depending on whether it rests on the sink or on the worktop.

kitchen sink mixers

Classy sinks for kitchens and open-plan living rooms

Increasingly, kitchens and living rooms are being designed and realised as a single open space with an open kitchen to the living area. An open space that stems from the desire to have a larger room for socialising and conviviality. A trend born after the restrictions of the pandemic that forced everyone...

Classy sinks for kitchens and open-plan living rooms

The performance of Rinnova, the green kitchen sink from Plados Telma

First of all, what is a green sink? We mean a kitchen sink obtained according to the principles of the circular economy. The circular economy is based on the concept of recycling and reuse, and is a particular model of development and production that strives to transform what would otherwise be considered waste into a useful resource. The circular economy...

performance sink green rinnova
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