Care and maintenanceone of the kitchen sink

To ensure that the kitchen is always a safe and hygienic environment the sink must be properly cared for and maintainedone.

A regular cleaningas well as eliminate dangerous sources of bacteriaIt will also allow you to extend the life cycle of the mixer and sink same.

In this article we offer some useful tips to keep your kitchen sink fresh, clean, hygienic and always as good as new.

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A good practice for the care and maintenanceone of the kitchen sink is to use a simple damp cloth with a few drops of vinegar and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner whether your sink is made of stainless steel or composite material.

If your sink is ceramic, a few drops of dishwashing detergent to keep it clean and shiny.
With stubborn stains you can try to create an emulsionone of lukewarm water and bicarbonaterinse and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Baking soda or alternatively vinegar or limone is also an excellent remedy against limescale.

It is good practice, in addition to daily cleaning, to do a more thorough weekly cleaning to remove limescale residue from the sink and mixer.

If you have specific cleaning products at home, make sure they are not particularly abrasive and do not use rough materials for scrubbingAlso beware of corrosive products, e.g. acetone or ammonia-based, as they may affect the composition of the material, ruining it or making it more susceptible to stains.

To maintain your sink for a long time, we also recommend that you pay particular attentionone to do not place pots directly on it; the bottom of pots and pans as soon as they are removed from the heat reach very high temperatures that can damage them irreparably.

Use a cutting board if you want to slice or chop with a knife and generally be carefulone of all sharp kitchen utensils or particularly heavy.

If you have purchased a sink Plados Telmacare and maintenanceone of your sink will be even easier and fast because our sinks have non-porous surfaces, a soft, damp cloth and a few drops of liquid detergent will keep it looking like new for a long time.

Plados Telma also realised a line of specific products for kitchen sink carewith azione degreaser, stain and limescale removercharacterised by a very pleasant fragranceone.

Plados Telma designs and manufactures composite kitchen sinks since 1991, combining design, innovationone, research and sustainability.

In 2012, he launched a sink that helps purify the air in the kitchen, ARIAPURAa technology based on titanium dioxide nanoparticles, which with their photocatalytic azione perform a functionone anti-pollutionantibacterial and self-cleaning.

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