Hobs: tips for cleaning and maintenance

When buying a cooker hob for the kitchen there are many aspects to evaluate; we have had the opportunity in a previous article to illustrate the main features of the gas hob and induction hob and we have briefly listed the aspects to consider when making your choice.


Gas and induction hobs differ not only in the way they differ from each other, but also in the way they are used. type of power supply but they have a different thermal efficiencya different level of security and need a different maintenance and cleaning.
In this in-depth analysis we want to provide you with some useful hob cleaning and maintenance advice the gas hob and the ceramic hobone; in order to operate them optimally and to keep the kitchen area hygienic and healthy, it is necessary to treat each material with specific products.

The steel gas hob is certainly the one most commonly found in our kitchens and usually has plastic knobs and ignition buttonsone and cast-iron grills.
First of all, it is better to avoid using metal sponges for cleaning, in case of stubborn dirt you would risk abrading the surface of the appliance; microfibre cloths are equally effective and keep your steel gas hob intact and shiny over time. For cleaning you can use vinegar, limeone and bicarbonate of soda, the important thing is to remove the natural one solution with a damp cloth.
For cleaning gas hob grills you can always use vinegar or limone, they both have a degreasing effect; the same can be done with burners and flame spreaders, and if the grease that has accumulated is particularly stubborn, try soaking them in boiling water for about ten minutes.

The tempered glass gas hob It too requires special care; it is always best to avoid metal materials for cleaning otherwise you risk scratching the surface of the appliance. Water and baking soda or water and dishwashing liquid are both effective solutions for cleaning your hob.
For the induction glass-ceramic hob the best allies in cleaning against dirt are vinegar and lemon; prepare a solution with water and vinegar or lemon juice and use a soft cloth to remove the dirt and, finally, wipe with a damp dry cloth.

Obviously, there are many specific products available on the market for cleaning your steel or tempered glass gas hob and your glass-ceramic induction hob; we would like to recommend some of them to you natural remedies for cleaning and maintenanceone of the hob, which can be done with commonly used products that are always in our kitchens and which, as they are not aggressive chemical formulations, have less impact on the environment and your health.

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