30 years in business and eyes always on the future

It is innovation that holds the past, present and future together. Our philosophy is this, we look back with pride and satisfaction at what we have done but we never forget that the world changes and every day we change with it.

This year our company celebrates 30 years in business. An important milestone that rewards, above all, the enthusiasm and passeone that have accompanied us since 1991 and have never abandoned us.

It all started with the production of composite sinks, thanks to which we were able to gain a foothold in the international market. In 2004, after the mergerone with Telma, we were the first to design and produce an antibacterial sink that inhibited the development of microorganisms harmful to human health through the use of silver ions.

The search for a balance between man and the environment, the development of technologies that improve the user experience of our products and enhance the quality of life of those who use them has always been the greatest inspiration in our work. A dispositionone towards innovationone that has enabled us to realise ARIAPURAthe anti-pollution, anti-bacterial and self-cleaning sink, and has allowed us to obtain an important European award for Green Sinksa project for the realization of ecological sinks with recycled materials.

Sustainability for PladosTelma is not just an inspiring principle but a daily practice, a constant exercise that drives us to make products that increasingly respect man and the environment at every stage of the value chain. Sustainability for PladosTelma goes hand in hand with research and that is why we strongly wanted to Delta Labthe company's one division, which is constantly improving the quality of its raw materials, semi-finished products and composites.

Le certifications acquired in these 30 years really express our intention to give our customers the maximum product guarantee.

The quality, functionality and aesthetics of PladosTelma products is the result of this commitment and a mindset that drives us to grow, to look forward, to carefully observeone how people's needs change, and to respond in a way that is always accessible to all.

We are committed to producing quality sinks at the right price so that sustainability is not a privilege of the few but a common good for all. We would like the kitchen to be a place where the green lifestyle with simple, everyday gestures, starting with?responsible use of household appliancesWe would like the kitchen to be a place of joy, the beating heart of the pleasure of living, a space of contemporary beauty that knows how to respond to the changes we are experiencing and that also affect living spaces.

After 30 years, In short, we are still full of desires, intentions, desire to do well, curious about new trends, ready to realize them and bring them directly to your home.

This is what this 30th anniversary means to us, looking back for just a moment to grow in an ever-evolving world.

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