Plados Telma launches Rinnova, the all-green sink

Words create worlds and the world we want to help create is a greener world in which sustainability, both environmental and economic, improves the quality of life of persone.

For this reason, the word we have chosen is a verb, renew, whose meaning refers to the azione of making or returning new, restructuring, returning to being something that is no longer.

The ?Rinnova? project has found realisation in the designone of green sinks at the origin, made with more than 90% of recycled raw material, internal and external waste once destined to become waste and now 100% recyclable.

The ability to innovate, renovate and renew while respecting the environment is the basis for a better society and more virtuous business models.

Refurbished raw materials instead of virgin raw materials

The regeneration of recycled organic and inorganic raw materials, otherwise destined for landfill, has allowed us not to resort to non-renewable virgin raw materials and to obtain a green compound at source that guarantees the same chemical, physical, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics as the sinks obtained with the traditional compound.

The quality remains the same, the added value is in having recovered raw materials and fed them back into the production process.

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The main features of the Plados Telma green sinks

The Rinnova green sinks feature componenti green, a plus that adds to the advantages of a Plados Telma sink:

  • Stain-resistant;
  • Scratch-resistant;
  • Impact-resistant;
  • Heat-resistant;
  • UV-resistant.

Rinnova, the quality of Plados Telma sinks with something extra

The real challenge, when it comes to sustainability applied to production processes and the end product, is being able to improve the impact of production processes without having to compromise on the functionality and aesthetics of the product.

<strong>Plados Telma launches Rinnova, the all-green sink<p> 2</p></strong>

A history of innovationone in the name of environmental sustainability

Nature, persone and economy are the connected and interdependent terms of the same relationship: acting for the environment means generating growth in value for communities around the world, improving their quality of life.

For this reason, Plados Telma's green commitment covers the origin of the raw material, the production processes, the efficient use of energy and water resources, the product and the product life cycle.

Rinnova, the originally green sink with green comp%, is the result of a design and construction philosophy that accompanone Plados Telma since its inception; investment in research and development is a cornerstone of the innovation of Plados Telma, which has always focused on designing and promoting environmentally sustainable products accessible to all.


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