kitchen sink mixers

Kitchen sink mixers: how to choose?

Plados Telma propone a?wide range of mixers for the kitchen sink combining functionality and design and adapt to all kinds of environments.

The first step to follow in making a choice concerns the type of mixer that can be installed on the sink, depending on whether it rests on the sink or on the kitchen worktop, and on the size of the mixer spout, high, low or collapsible spout, with spring or hand shower.

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The Plados Telma propone range of kitchen sink mixers includes the following types:

  • Design, Elegant & Professionalelegant and linear mixers, perfect for the most contemporary kitchens;
  • Polytechecological mixers made of hypoallergenic, recyclable technopolymers, do not contain or release heavy metals;
  • Sottofinestrafolding mixers that do not obstruct the window opening;
  • Basic: mixers with simple lines;
  • Antique: mixers for rustic or country style kitchens;
  • Tri-flowthree-way mixers for separate water flow management;
  • Inoxa: stainless steel mixers.

In addition to mixers, Plados Telma is synonymous with quality kitchen sink. Continuous investment in research and development has enabled the company to recently launch a unique kitchen sink on the market, made from acrylic and inorganic material scraps which has the exact same chemical, physical, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics as the other Plados kitchen sinks. The performance of this sink, defined as Rinnova, are excellent and guarantee resistance to stains, impacts, scratches, heat, UV rays.

Kitchen sink and mixer tap are two decisive elements when choosing rinnovare your kitchen; they must be able to be beautiful, functional and qualityquality also means the possibility of purchasing products. made with environmentally friendly production processes and are themselves environmentally friendly.

In the world of kitchen furniture and kitchen elements, environmental sustainability, materials research, and innovation for the benefit of human health have become increasingly important.

If you want to know the full range of Plados Telma products and discover the company's commitment to environmental sustainability, contact us.

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