Kitchen sink and matching appliances

Kitchen sink and matching appliances

As we have already discussed in an article on the kitchen sinks integrated with the worktop, the kitchen is no longer just the place where food is prepared but has become the place where people meet, relate, be together

The kitchen, in essence, has become the new living room, which is why kitchen furniture trends propose solutions that are increasingly aesthetically evocative and coordinated with the living environment

We change our behaviour, we change our environments and the elements that furnish them. 

Precisely because the kitchen has become more than just a place in which meals are prepared and consumed, Plados Telma introduced the concept of Kitchen Experience? as a synonym for positive experience of functionality and practicality, aesthetics

All Plados Telma products are designed to meet this objective, high performance in use, refined lines and attention to detail. 

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The Plados Telma product range includes: Plados composite kitchen sinks, Telma composite kitchen sinks, steel sinks, mixers and home appliances

Kitchen sink and matching appliances 1

Plados Telma propone also coordinated kitchen sink and appliance lines that allow an environment in absolute colour harmony as the latest kitchen furnishing trends demand. 

We offer matching kitchen sinks and appliances for both classical and modern settings.

To functionality, quality and design, you can therefore also add the possibility of customise the environment with coordinated solutions that will contribute to making the atmosphere in your kitchen even more elegant. 

Plados Telma manufactures high quality kitchen sinks, the result of a constant commitment in research and innovationoneespecially along the environmental sustainabilitywith the aim of contributing their industry expertise to bring products with a longer life cycle to the market, durable, resistant and in line with style trendsgenerated by increasingly careful use of resources

< Scopri il lavello Rinnova di Plados Telma, realizzato con materia prima rigenerata! > 

If you are interested in learning more about the company, its production philosophyone and its range of kitchen products, contact us


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Qual è il miglior materiale per un lavello da cucina?

Così come non è possibile stabilire in modo univoco qual è la forma migliore per un lavello da cucina, non è possibile rispondere alla domanda qual è il miglior materiale per un lavello da cucina. La risposta, infatti, dipende dalle particolari necessità di chi lo acquista, dal budget di investimento, dallo stile che si vuole…

miglior materiale lavello cucina
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