Classy sinks for kitchens and open-plan living rooms

Classy sinks for kitchens and open-plan living rooms

More and more frequently, kitchen and living room are designed and realised as one open space with an open kitchen to the living area. An open space that stems from the desire to have a larger room at one's disposalone for sociability and conviviality

A trend born after the restrictions of the pandemic that forced everyone to rethink their housing models and choose multifunctional solutions that would allow experiencing the home differently depending on the time of day

The kitchen is no longer just the place where we prepare food or stay for a drink or a sandwich, but has become the beating heart of the housethe place where children do their homework, remote workers hold their conferences, get together with friends for an aperitif, cook together.

This change in habits has clearly generated different kitchen and living room furniture solutions that allow living these two environments in continuity, combining functionality with aesthetics

Le coordinated kitchen sink lines and appliances have started to be preferred precisely for this reasonone; they allow to achieve a harmonious overall colour visualone because the colour of the sink is the same as that of the cooker hood, hob and oven. The visual impact is certainly of relaxing refinement

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Matching lines go perfectly with the choice of a sink integrated with the worktopin this way, what you get is a total continuity of line and colouras the integrated sinks have no shims or joints and are one with the worktop. 

The atmosphere created is decidedly contemporary and minimal, but the kitchen sinks integrated in the worktop are also perfect for classic settings such as country stylerefreshed by more modern lines. 

Plados Telma propone for lovers of this style a sink inspired by the sinks of old country houses; Contempo is a large and very practical sink that can be equipped with additional accessories that make it even more functional. 

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It is available in 5 colours that fit perfectly with the latest colour scheme for the living area. 

In addition, Contempo has a feature that makes it absolutely unique: it is made with the compound Rinnova which contains the ? 90% by componenti green.


The compound Rinnova originates from recycled organic and inorganic raw materialdoes not use virgin raw material but raw material otherwise destined to become scrap

The Rinnova compound ensures the same performance than any other Plados Telma kitchen sink with the added bonus of being an environmentally friendly sink and of great aesthetic impact

Plados Telma green sinks are perfect sinks for those who want a classy open kitchen! 

If you are interested in learning more about the Plados Telma product range, contact us

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performance sink green rinnova

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