Mini guide to materials for choosing a kitchen sink

The sink is definitely one of the essential parts of the kitchen and must be chosen according to certain basic requirements: style, quality, functionality, material and budget.

Often, in an attempt to meet aesthetic or economic criteria alone, we end up buying a sink that looks good but proves to be unsuitable for our needs, or we end up buying a cheap, low-quality sink that will not last.

Our philosophy of designingone and manufacturingone kitchen sinks is a concrete thought of durability, aesthetics and quality that guarantees the best possible user experience; for this reason we choose the best materials to ensure that your kitchen sink will remain unchanged in its characteristics, properties and functionality over time.

To help you choose the ideal sink for your kitchen, we would like to take a closer look at two materials, composite and steel, in order to understand which sink is best suited to your needs.

In fact, the material of manufacture is a not insignificant aspect of your choice as it characterises its use and also its maintenance.

Composite sinks

The material composite is a material, as the word itself implies, made up of different materials with different characteristics and properties that together guarantee the best performanceone in use.

The main feature of the composite sinks is a guarantee of high performance, they are kitchen sinks that resist heat, shocks, wear and tear and stains well, clean easily and also provide good protection one against bacteria.

Steel sinks

Steel is a timeless material when it comes to purchasing kitchen sinks because it combines versatile aesthetics with a number of discriminating features: it is durable and hygienic, it withstands high temperatures well and allows pots and pans to be placed on it as soon as they are removed from the hob, and if it is of good quality it also cleans well and resists scratches and blades.

The main feature of the steel sinks is to combine elegance with functionality and it is for this reason that ragione has been one of the most popular purchase choices for decades.

Sinks in microULTRAGRANIT

Plados Telma has realized kitchen sinks in microULTRAGRANIT with extraordinary characteristics and properties: it is a material with a high concentration of quartz and granite microparticles that make the kitchen sink super resistant to chemicals, heat and scratching, and with a remarkable aesthetic impact.

They are available in a variety of colors that fit well with any realization and guarantee a refined and functional realization guaranteed for 10 years.

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I sinks in ULTRAMETAL by Plados Telma are the ideal kitchen sinks for those who want to combine high performance with contemporary aesthetics inspired by cooler tones. In fact, they go well with stainless steel kitchens and give the room an atmosphere of rigour, refined elegance and cleanliness.

The quartz, granite and metallescent microparticles in the mixture of realzione create very special colour effects, perfect for those who want an alternative to the more common colour palettes.

ULTRAMETAL kitchen sinks by Plados Telma are guaranteed for 10 years, they resist heat and chemicals well, they are easy to clean and are very hygienic.

Sinks in nanoSTONE

I kitchen sinks in nanoSTONE by Plados Telma are state-of-the-art kitchen sinksone, guaranteed for 20 years, which guarantee very high structural performance: they are highly resistant to heat and impact and are particularly hygienic because they contain titanium dioxide particles that reduce airborne pollutants in the kitchen.

We have seen how each material used to make a kitchen sink gives the sink special characteristics of usability and durability; Plados Telma uses the best raw materials and the best technologies to make kitchen sinks for living, beautiful to look at, practical and convenient to use, and destined to last.

What are the best modern-style kitchen sinks?

Choosing a kitchen sink means having to take into consideration many aspects concerning forma, dimensione, the type of recess, the material of composione. Choosing a sink means finding the right combination of beauty, functionality and quality, also in terms of strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

modern-style kitchen sinks

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