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The advantages of the sink integrated with the worktop

The kitchen is no longer just the environment in which meals are prepared but to all intents and purposes has become the social and convivial heart of the house; for this ragione, kitchen furniture trends have started to propose increasingly aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Furthermore, as the kitchen and living room are increasingly becoming one room, the kitchen has become a place open to others, a place of representation and meeting, just like the living room.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that every aspect of the kitchen is taken care of with great careonefrom the choice of furniture material to the sink or sink mixer.

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When it comes to attentionone to detail, the discriminating factor is always the ability of a kitchen furniture, sink or mixer tap to combining functionality and design.

Attentionone, as far as kitchen sinks are concerned, should be placed first of all on the material, there are sinks in steel or in material composite; today, sinks are also available in recycled material that allow you to make an ecological choice in favour of a lower impact on the environment.

Plados Telma recently launched the Rinnova sinkgreen at origin, obtained with the use of regenerated organic and inorganic raw materials and ensuring high performance standardsone in terms of stain, impact, scratch, heat and UV resistance.

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In addition to the material, the choice of sink also concerns the forma, the number of bowls and above all, embedded in the top or not?

I sinks integrated with the worktop are one of the hottest kitchen trends at the moment; it is a solutionone in continuity between worktop and sink without any kind of joint or thickness.

For those who like to have everything on the same level, worktop and sink, this is the ideal solutionone. From an aesthetic point of view, there is no doubt that the sink integrated with the worktop contributes to giving the room an atmosphere of contemporary refinement.

The advantages of having the sink integrated with the worktop are, first of all, that it?hygienethere is no possibility of dirt getting in between joints or shims, the ease of cleaning is greater; as is more practical arrange pots and accessories on a continuous spazio.

The advantages of the integrated sink with worktop 1

Plados Telma manufactures high quality kitchen sinks, the result of a constant commitment in research and innovationoneespecially along the environmental sustainabilitywith the aim of contributing their industry expertise to bring products with a longer life cycle to the market, durable, resistant and in line with style trendsgenerated by increasingly careful use of resources.

If you are interested in learning more about the company, its production philosophyone and its range of kitchen products, contact us.


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