Definitive guide to Plados Telma kitchen sinks

Definitive guide to Plados Telma kitchen sinks 

If you are looking for the perfect sink for your kitchen, this is the perfect guide to guide you through all types of kitchen sinks on the market and choose the right one for your needs. 

We start with the latest kitchen furniture trends that combine environmental sustainability, the green sinks

Plados Telma has recently launched an innovative kitchen sink project made with organic and inorganic raw materials rinnovate instead of virgin raw materials. The technical characteristics and performance of Plados Telma green sinks are the same as traditional sinks, resistance to impact, stains, heat, UV, scratches

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The Plados Telma kitchen sink types also include:

  • Composite sinks;
  • Steel sinks

I composite sinks are sinks made of different materials, usually natural stones and minerals, resins and pigments, they have characteristics of durability, strength, compactnessThey are available in many shapes, round, square, corner, single or double basin, with or without draining board. 

These are sinks that guarantee ease of cleaning

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Among the Plados Telma proposals are sinks made of:

  • NanoSTONE: state-of-the-art materialone comprising pure acrylic resin and high-tech mineral fillers that formano a molecular network that fortifies the sink, making it more resistant to impact and thermal shock. 
  • UltraMETAL: metallic and satin finishes made with metallescent particles and quartz and granite crystals. 
  • MicroULTRAGRANIT: very high surface percentage of microparticles of quartz and granite generated by a sedimentation processone giving high surface hardness, heat and scratch resistance. 
Definitive guide to Plados Telma kitchen sinks

All Plados Telma sinks are also equipped with the ARIAPURA. The sink material is added with titanium dioxide nanoparticles that help purify the air in the kitchen and make the sink fresher and cleaner. It is a long-lasting, safe and effective feature. 

Timeless ones include the steel sinksavailable in different shapes and for different types of installationone. Steel sinks guarantee excellent performance in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning

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Plados Telma propone also, in line with the latest kitchen furniture trendscoordinated kitchen sink and appliance lines for both more traditional and more modern kitchens. These are ideal solutions for environments where the kitchen merges with the living area in a unicum of style and colour. 

The Plados Telma product range also includes the mixers to be combined with the kitchen sinks depending on the choice made in terms of material and colour; the propone line of mixer taps offers different types depending on the type of placement desired in the sink area and in line with the style of the rest of the room. 

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