Ecological house: bring the green in your kitchen

In a previous article commenting on the data of the Coop 2020 Report on consumption and lifestyles of the Italians of today and tomorrow, we have seen, numbers in hand, that among people there is an increasing attention to their own health and that of the environment and an awareness that they are in a relationship of mutual dependence.

Respect for this balance can become a real way of life, a concrete way of thinking and doing, to be practiced daily: living green is not in the world of ideas but in everyday things, when we go shopping, when we avoid unnecessary waste of energy, when we differentiate waste, when we buy products made with low environmental impact recyclable materials.

Even our kitchen can be green: our refrigerator can be green if we choose, for example, 0 km products that contribute to the reduction of C02 emissions, our kitchen furniture can be green if we choose natural or recycled materials, and even our sink can be green thanks to particular materials. technologies that destroy pollutant particles.
Plados Telma has been committed for years to ensuring that its products do not have a negative impact on people and the environment and is committed to sustainability during all phases of the design and manufacture of its sinks. It has an internal division, Delta Lab, committed to research and innovation, which gave birth to the project Green Sinkto create a range of eco-sustainable sinks made from recycled materials.

The philosophy of sustainability is one that at Plados Telma is transformed into something you can touch with your hands, durability for example. Our sinks are designed to last not to be consumed and replaced in a short time, because a product is sustainable when its entire life cycle is sustainable: the longer its life cycle the less impact it will have on the environment.
The quality of the materials, the technologies used for the realization of our products, everything walks in the direction of that commitment to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy balance between man and nature.

We are really all called to feel the responsibility that each of us has towards the environment and the possibility of contributing with small gestures to a more sustainable future, starting from our homes and, why not, from the kitchen.

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