7 Tips for renovating your kitchen on a small budget

Coronavirus emergence and confinement have radically changed the perception of our domestic spaces and today homes have become places within which we carry out many activities that were previously located in spaces outside the home.

In recent months many of us have felt not only the desire but really the urgency of remodelling spaces on the new needs of the family and we thought we'd give you some advice to try to renovate, with a small expense, the kitchen, which, however, remains the beating heart of every home.

The goal is to combine as usual, aesthetics and functionality.

Let's start with a very simple trick that can immediately change the atmosphere in the kitchen: change the color tone of the light and add spotlights right above the countertop.

White lights are perfect for contemporary and minimalist style furnishings, yellow lights for rustic, country-inspired ones.

Another low-cost tip is to mount storage bars and shelves to keep collections of mugs, colourful plates, vintage crockery or modern objects on view.

Again, to change the overall view you can also try to move the arrangement of objects on the visible shelves or on the worktop; the finishing touch is to add succulents, a nice vase with fresh flowers in the center of the table or descending plants on the highest shelves.

For those who want to try something more challenging you can use the wallpaper to cover the doors of the furniture; on the market there are of every type and color, there is only the embarrassment of choice and are treated to resist steam and to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Painting the walls with a new color can be another valid alternative, if you are tired of neutral colors try the trends of the moment, mint green, mustard yellow, deep purple. The wow effect is guaranteed.

Speaking of color, another small change that we suggest concerns just your sink.

If you want to bring a new colour and material into your kitchen, we invite you to discover the complete range of the plados sinks  and the telma sinks.

If you have found the one that suits your desire for change among all of them contact us immediately and we will direct you to your nearest PladosTelma dealer.

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MARLIC is a project funded by Regione Marche under the POR MARCHE and stands for Laboratorio di Ricerca Applicata nelle Marche per i Compositi Innovativi.

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