Plados Telma invests in renewables

Sustainability is only a value when it becomes action.
And we believe this applies to both people and companies.

Talking about environmental sustainability without making environmental sustainability a reality cannot produce value, value for people, for the territory, for the environment.
For this reason we believe that it is important to make sustainable actions that do not only concern the value chain of our product but the company in its daily reality.
Plados Telma has decided, in fact, to investing in renewable energy because it represents a concrete tool for sustainability, a tool that allows to reduce the impact of the company's activities on the environment.

A photovoltaic system on the industrial roofs of 2 of the company's most important factories, in Montecassiano (MC).
The plant, soon to be commissioned, will guarantee an annual production of clean electricity capable of cover the consumption of the plant (85%) and will enable feeding the surplus into the national grid circuit.
The photovoltaic system will allow us to concretely save the emission of 300 tons of CO2 on the environmentIn order to give an idea of the importance of this fact for the economy of sustainability, it is enough to think that it would be necessary to plant 20,000 trees in order to absorb that amount of CO2.
For Plados Telma, the decision to focus on renewables represents an important step forward in the green path undertaken many years ago; not a goal but a decisive stage in the path of sustainability.
In the coming years all companies will be called upon to make a serious commitment to the environment and to future generationsa commitment from which it is impossible to back out.
There is no economic development if there is no value for the community and the environment.

Renewable energy is a tool that is accessible to all, it is one of those concrete and daily actions that each of us can put in place to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment; if it is true that not everyone can build a domestic photovoltaic system, it is equally true that we can all choose green energy suppliers that feed into the national grid energy produced from renewable sources.
If we are many people and companies to choose renewable energy, in the national grid will circulate more and more clean energy and less and less energy from fossil fuels that pollute the environment and affect our health.

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