Smau Innovation Award 2019, PLADOS Group awarded in Milan

Smau Innovation Award 2019, PLADOS Group awarded in Milan 1

Innovating with Industry 4.0 and the Green Economy: this is the goal of the leading companies of the Smau Innovation Awardan award dedicated to companies from various sectors, which had the opportunity to tell about their experiences in doing innovationone in the company.

Smau Innovation Award 2019, PLADOS Group awarded in Milan 2

Our CFO Edoardo Bertini spoke about the patented Ariapura, a unique composite material capable of purifying kitchen air and eliminating pollutants, bacteria and unpleasant odours caused by the cooking process of food, cigarette smoke, fine dust and heating/air conditioning systems.

He also spoke about the Green Sinks project (sink made from recycled materials), sponsored by the European unione, which is having an important impact in terms of eco-sustainability: it reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials and protects the environment by limiting the extractionone and transport of minerals.

Below is the full interview:


New finishes, accessories, design, technologies, creativity and attentionone to the environment.We look forward to seeing you in Cologne from 9 to 12 May to present our idea of the Kitchen Experience.Hall 10.2 - Stand F050

Plados Telma launches Rinnova, the all-green sink

Words create worlds and the world we want to help create is a greener world in which sustainability, both environmental and economic, improves the quality of life of persone. For this reason, the word we have chosen is a verb, renovate, whose meaning refers to the business of making or returning to new, renovating, making...

Rinnova Plados Telma sinks

Care and maintenanceone of the kitchen sink

To ensure that the kitchen is always a safe and hygienic environment, the sink must be properly cared for and maintainedone. In addition to eliminating dangerous sources of bacteria, regular cleaning will also allow you to extend the life cycle of the mixer and the sink itself. In this article we offer you...

Care and maintenanceone of the kitchen sink
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