Smau Innovation Award 2019, PLADOS Group awarded in Milan

Smau Innovation Award 2019, PLADOS Group awarded in Milan 1

Innovating with Industry 4.0 and the Green Economy: this is the goal of the leading companies of the Smau Innovation Awardan award dedicated to companies from various sectors, which had the opportunity to tell about their experiences in doing innovationone in the company.

Smau Innovation Award 2019, PLADOS Group awarded in Milan 2

Our CFO Edoardo Bertini spoke about the patented Ariapura, a unique composite material capable of purifying kitchen air and eliminating pollutants, bacteria and unpleasant odours caused by the cooking process of food, cigarette smoke, fine dust and heating/air conditioning systems.

He also spoke about the Green Sinks project (sink made from recycled materials), sponsored by the European unione, which is having an important impact in terms of eco-sustainability: it reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials and protects the environment by limiting the extractionone and transport of minerals.

Below is the full interview:

What are the best modern-style kitchen sinks?

Choosing a kitchen sink means having to take into consideration many aspects concerning forma, dimensione, the type of recess, the material of composione. Choosing a sink means finding the right combination of beauty, functionality and quality, also in terms of strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

modern-style kitchen sinks

Production wasteone and the circular economy

The circular economy is the economic model that is based on environmental and social sustainability and is realised through the recycling and regeneration of goods. The circular economic model was born as an alternative to traditional methods out of the awareness that the planet's resources are running out and that sustainable development is the only...

production wasteone circular economy
Production wasteone and the circular economy
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