Open day at Unicam for the green sinks project


Open day at Unicam for the green sinks 1 project


On Thursday 19 March, the second conference "Green Sinks" to present the progress of the project concerning the realisation of a totally ecological sink financed by the European Unione.

The echolavel, promoted by Delta in collaboration with the University of Camerino, the Università Politecnica delle Marche and the University of Brescia, was one of 12 Italian industrial projects to have been funded by the LIFE programme (European Unione Environment Fund).

The open day took place in the Hall of Coats of Arms of the Ducal Palace in Camerino where the new line of environmentally sustainable sinks made entirely of environmentally friendly organic and inorganic raw materials was presented to the scientific community. In addition to experts in the sector, speakers included Rector Flavio Corradini, who emphasised the importance of the collaboration between Delta and Unicam, which perfectly represents the transfer of the excellence produced by university research into product and process innovation and thus development for local companies.

He is echoed by engineer Sandro BertiniCEO of Delta s.r.l.: 'Today's is an important initiative that underlines and confirms the obstinacy and innovative spirit of Macerata's entrepreneurship. A unique occasione to disseminate a fundamental theme, such as that of environmental protection through scientific research combined with know-how, the creative spirit of local SMEs and a network project with university excellence'.


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Production wasteone and the circular economy
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