RARE, PRECIOUS, ELEGANT....is the new matching TARTUFO!




Given its enormous success and rapid spread, PLADOS-TELMA is pleased to present the new coordinated Tartufo.

From Today, in addition to some taps, the Tartufo colour is also available for two models of Hobs "version

modern" 75 cm and 60 cm equipped with cast iron grids as standard.



RARO, PREZIOSO, ELEGANTE….è il nuovo coordinato TARTUFO! 1

Coordianto Tartufo UG72 (AM11620 + VEMIXEXTL + SLIM75)


RARO, PREZIOSO, ELEGANTE….è il nuovo coordinato TARTUFO! 2

SLIM75 Truffle UG72


Hurry up and request more information from our sales department or our authorized distributors.


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