What will be the trends in the kitchen for 2021?

Our new lifestyle habits, dictated by the pandemic year we are currently experiencing, have also changed the way we organise the spaces in our homes. Rooms have been transformed into multifunctional places where activities other than those for which they were intended are carried out; and so it happens that the living room is transformed into an office for smart working or a classroom for distance learning.

The kitchen, more than any other room, becomes the heart of every home because it is a place to meet, to relate and to conviviality; no longer a zone of passage for a quick lunch or snack to then return to the office or to study, but a spazio place to experience the extra time we spend at home. We have seen in a previous article, , The new normality arrives in the kitchen'., we have all spent more time between pots and pans and new recipes to bring to the table, and we have all learnt how important it is to bring a new awareness green in our homes: these themes have become so important that they are also inspiring the design and furnishing trends for the coming year.

In general, 2021 brings with it a great desire to functionality and of creativityIf we spend more time in the kitchen then this time will have to be well organised, cooking will have to be convenient and practical, everything at hand in short, and it will also be creative time to experiment with new raw materials, new preparations and cooking.

When we talk about functionality we are clearly also talking about performance, more attentionone to the detailsto the finishes and to the technology. When we talk about creativity we talk about materials and colors.

The material and colour trends draw on the nature's colour paletteYes to wood and glass, yes to all colours that recall the sky, the earth, the sun, flowers. Bright tones for a kitchen with character or pastel shades for relaxing kitchens.

If you're not going to invest a large budget to renovate your kitchen, don't worry: sometimes a single item is all it takes to transform a kitchen into a custom space. A colourful sink, a mixer tap, a new appliance, can bring new and fresh air into your kitchen.

Quality, style and convenience have always been our inspiration: if you feel like a change, browse through our online catalogue and find the right piece to face 2021 with the right energy!


New finishes, accessories, design, technologies, creativity and attentionone to the environment.We look forward to seeing you in Cologne from 9 to 12 May to present our idea of the Kitchen Experience.Hall 10.2 - Stand F050

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