30 years of Plados Telma: interview with Riccardo Bertini

- The 30th anniversary of Plados Telma was commemorated with a digital communication campaign that does not tell the story of the past but is an arc stretching from the present into the future. Why?

All stories are born in the past, but it is not backwards that we want to look. Our company deals with products that serve to improve the quality of life of persone and improving means constantly pushing forward, thinking about what does not yet exist. That's why we talk about a present that has the precious seed of the past in it, but which looks enthusiastically towards tomorrow, aware that companies too can contribute to building a fairer world for people and the environment.

- Persone, territory, research and development, sustainability, are not just values for Plados Telma but a concrete daily commitment.

Giving value to persone, contributing to the development of the territory, carrying out research and behaving respectfully towards the environment are not practices that are only in the realm of ideas. They must be taken to a concrete level, they must be the driving force behind what we do.

- Persone...

Companies are made up of people, all the people in a company contribute to its success over time; all the skills are useful in achieving a goal. 30 years of Plados Telma are above all 30 years of people who have made their know-how and their passion available to a project. It is difficult to motivate oneself for the future and to continuously push forward if one is not motivated by a strong passione and the ability to always imagine new things.

- Territory...

The Marche is an extraordinary territory from every point of view, landscape and environment, history and culture. The Marche company is a business model strongly rooted in the values of the territory that knows how to speak beyond its borders. Plados Telma brings together the local and the global, the small and the large, constituting an important development pole for the local communities, but also looking beyond, seeking and finding interlocutors thousands of kilometres away.

- Research and Development...

Research and development have to do with the curiosity of persone, with the desire for knowledge and discovery. Researching innovative solutions and realising them responds to this primary need placed at the service of other persone. Our aim is to create better and better products that meet the needs of persones and their lifestyles. And this is a road made of continuous horizons, there is never a definitive goal, there is always another goal to strive for.

- Sustainability...

Sustainability is a value and a practice that brings together different aspects, certainly the environmental sphere but also the economic and production spheres. Persone, the environment and development are one and the same thing, so sustainability is a practice that must start in the company and go into the product and from the product to the homes of those who buy it. We are all called upon to make a contribution to building a better world for generations to come.

- It is no coincidence that Plados Telma's #30annual campaign has a hummingbird as its testimonial.

Yes, small and light and yet capable of great feats of flight. This extraordinary animal, a symbol of determination and strength, is an invitation to us: each of us, however small we may be, is functional to the big one, ensuring its functioning and preservation. It is true for the planet, it is true for companies, it is true for communities. Each of us is a hummingbird with a great feat of flight to perform.

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