Interview with Riccardo Bertini Managing Director of Plados Telma

Riccardo, the year opened with the news that PladosTelma products will be present in the tenth edition of the most famous cooking show on TV, Masterchef Italia. An important collaboration that links the quality of your products to the Italian gastronomic excellence.

In our company's 30th year of activity, this is an opportunity that makes us doubly proud. Masterchef is not only a talent show but it perfectly embodies the values of many Italian companies, it promotes the excellence of Made in Italy, enhances the creativity and craftsmanship that have always characterized the know-how of our country.

Quality and style at the right price is a phrase that encapsulates your brand philosophy and tells of your commitment to using the best materials and technologies to create a product that performs from every point of view.

Our mission has always been to create products of aesthetic, practical and functional value, and we do this through design solutions, with highly innovative materials and functions. As far as sinks in composite material are concerned, it is in the colour range that our proposals find their maximum expression, we want to contribute to making the kitchen environment more pleasant and lively!

Research and innovation are two fundamental aspects of the company. Doing research to produce products that are ever closer to people's needs also means working to improve the quality of their lives. Tell us about Delta lab?

Our Research and Development centre consists of the chemical-physical laboratory and the raw material production plant and is definitely the beating heart of the company.

In addition to providing technical and scientific support for the company's activities, it is involved in numerous circular economy and eco-sustainability projects involving universities and companies in other sectors: this is also the purpose of our laboratory, to make our know-how available and network with other realities for a common cause.

We have talked about research and innovation at the service of people but PladosTelma has always been concerned with the environment. What are the good sustainable practices of the company?

Our environmental strategy goes back a long way and has always been expressed in every act of life of our products and processes. The European project Green Sinks, in the field of circular economy and financed by the European Union, is certainly an example of this. We promote environmentally friendly products that enable people to save water and energy. (see our ecological mixers).

The year ended with a decidedly exceptional year, how did you deal with the changes imposed by the pandemic?

Fortunately, our company had already been on a path of digital transformation for a few years. The pandemic has accelerated this process, although there is still a long way to go, the needs of today's consumers will not be those of tomorrow. In the global tragedy of devastating impacts, I think that companies, including ours, have found new inspiration and new energy to meet the challenges of the future. Business organization and technology will have to be increasingly integrated and speak the same "language". This will probably be the most difficult and stimulating challenge for everyone.

What are the company's desires and goals for 2021?

Continuing the digital transformation journey and working in total security will be top priorities in 2021 as well.

On the commercial side, we will try to strengthen our presence in international markets - we are currently present in 50 countries - through new forms of partnership and collaboration.

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