In the budget document of the Ministry of the Environment, the Water Bonus o "Water Saving Fund".The fund provides for the allocation of a EUR 10 million fundto be granted in the amount of 1000 euros per person to residents in Italy and to be used by 31 December 2021.

These are the indications from the Inland Revenue website:

In order to encourage the saving of water resources, a bonus of 1,000 euro is granted to individuals, resident in Italy, who replace existing buildings, parts of existing buildings or individual building units:

  • ceramic sanitary ware with new low-flush fixtures
  • the faucets, showerheads and shower columns with new devices with limited water flow.

In particular, the relief is granted for expenses incurred for:

  • supply and installation of ceramic sanitary ware with a maximum drainage volume equal to or less than 6 litres and relative drainage systems, including related plumbing and masonry work and the dismantling and removal of pre-existing systems;
  • the supply and installation of taps and mixers for bathrooms and kitchens, including devices for controlling the flow of water with a flow rate equal to or less than 6 litres per minute, and shower heads and shower columns with a flow rate equal to or less than 9 litres per minute, including any related plumbing and masonry work and the dismantling and removal of existing systems.

The bonus will be disbursed until the exhaustion of the fund allocated in the amount of 1000 euros per person, to request it will be necessary to wait for times and ways that will be established by the Ministry of Environment with a special decree probably within the month of February.

The incentive was created to encourage sustainable behaviour aimed at the responsible use of a very precious resource whose accessibility and limited availability we often forget.

Saving water is one of those small daily actions that each of us can take to contribute to the protection of our planet's resources and to build a more harmonious relationship between man and the environment.

Among all European countries, Italy is the country that has the highest rate of water withdrawal for drinking, a huge gap that is partly explained by problems related to the distribution network and partly by attitudes still not very virtuous and aware of the management of this resource.

What can we do around the house to avoid unnecessary water waste?

We leave you with 7 practical tips that will allow you to immediately reduce consumption and contribute to water saving:

  1. Choose a dual flush cistern (6 and 12 litres);
  2. Take showers instead of baths, 20 liters versus 150 liters of water;
  3. Turn off the water jet in the shower or when brushing your teeth;
  4. Keep fruits and vegetables soaking to wash and not under running water.
  5. Use washing machines and dishwashers only when fully loaded;
  6. Water the plants with collected rainwater;
  7. Repair toilet and faucet leaks and put breakers on faucets.

The green mixers of PladosTelma

PladosTelma was born with a green soul and a commitment to sustainability that accompanies the entire value chain of our products, from the procurement of raw materials for the realization of the product to its disposal.

For this reason, we have created a line of eco-friendly taps that allow you to reduce water waste in order to responsibly consume this resource that is so precious to man and the environment.

Politek is the recyclable tap made internally in Teflon, without lead, nickel and copper, suitable for contact with food because it is completely non-toxic. Thanks to the SEMPLIFIX patent, it can be conveniently and easily installed from above and saves on water consumption thanks to the jet breaker aerators.


The water-saving system also characterizes two other PladosTelma mixers, Newmix30 and Newmix80which ensure a water flow rate of less than 6 litres per minutewhich is a requirement of the Ministry's guidelines for obtaining the Water Bonus.


If you want to have more information about our ecological products do not hesitate to contact us, write to info@pladostelma.com

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