Materials and Colours


The microULTRAGRANIT, thanks to a sophisticated molding system with differentiated sedimentation, boasts a very high surface  concentration (over 80%) of quartz and granite microparticles, which give the sink extraordinary aesthetic characteristics and a pleasant tactile effect, associated with a very high surface hardness, resistance to chemicals, heat and scratches. A sink in microULTRAGRANIT is beautiful, hygienic and easy to clean and with the new satin shades it goes very well with not only classic kitchens but also modern and trendy kitchens. The microULTRAGRANIT collection includes 8 standard colors ready for delivery and many other special colors. The microULTRAGRANIT sinks are guaranteed for 10 years.


Thanks to Ultrametal material, now it's possible to coordinate the sink to the other stainless steel kitchen appliances. The metallescent particles, present in the compound together with quartz and granite crystals, create a metallic finish in the sink surfaces. Cool colors, satin surfaces and a metallic effect make Ultrametal sinks particularly suitable for modern settings and for combinations with stainless steel appliances, often present in the kitchen. An Ultrametal sink is easy to clean, very hygienic and is very resistant to scratches, chemical agents, heat and high temperatures. ULTRAMETAL sinks are guaranteed for 10 years.


NanoSTONE is the latest generation material, composed of the purest acrylic resin and a mixture of high-tech mineral fillers, designed to bind to each other by developing a 3D network of "hydrogen bonds". The geometry of the involved minerals and the polarization of the particlestrigger a chemical process that binds the minerals together in an "ordered" way, creating a three-dimensional structure that strengthens the sink from the inside, making it more resistant to impacts and thermal shocks. The new composite material has a more robust structure and a feeling of pleasantness to the touch. Like the other Plados & Telma materials, nanoSTONE is added with titanium dioxide particles which, through the photocatalysis process, reduce the pollutants present in the kitchen environment, make the sink antibacterial and easier to clean. The nanoSTONE sinks are guaranteed for 20 years.

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