NanoSTONE, exclusive latest generation material, has been designed to provide the highest mechanical and aesthetic performances. NanoSTONE is available in five refined colours formulated for modern and contemporary environments. The new material is made of pure acrylic resin and a mix of high-tech mineral fillers, designed to bind to each other by developing a 3D lattice of “hydrogen bonds”, through a chemical process possible thanks to the polarization, and to the precise geometries of the involved minerals:
• mineral fillers with lamellar particles;
• mineral fillers with acicular particles (needle-shaped);
• mixture of various minerals and nano-metric Titanium dioxide, able to fit into the 3D structure created by the first two.

 The molecular lattice thus created, fortifies the internal structure of the sink, making it more resistant to impact and thermal shocks. The new composite material has a more robust structure and a feeling of pleasantness to the touch . Like our other materials,  nanoSTONE is added with Titanium dioxide nano-particles which, through the photocatalysis process, reduce the pollutants present in the kitchen ambiance, make the sink antibacterial and easier to clean.

Lamellar particles

Acicular particles

Other mineral fillers and nanometric Titanium dioxide.

More resistant to thermal shocks

More resistant to impacts

• Self-cleaning
• Anti-pollutant
• Anti-bacterial

20 YEARS Warranty!


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