Who is Telma?


Telma strenght and its modern out look are firmly ancore in its roots: the power of design and innovation.

Company’s structure, design methodology, research laboratories an very strict quality controls: all this aims at products innovation and function, with the added value of an internationally recognized design pedigree.

Study and development of high performance materials is a dynamic philosophy bringing concrete results.



Research on compound materials is ground breaking.

Telma, incorporated in 1981, has an important mission: taking on the challenging and seemingly unmovable kitchen sink market by offering highly innovative solutions in the areas of design, materials and functions.

The new synergy of the group brings great success. In a few years, Telma has been established as the new market leader in this sector.

Enthusiasm, research and development, rationality in design: these are the hallmarks of Telma image. Nowadays, Telma research laboratories symbolize innovation.

Successful materials such as TelmaStone, VitroQuartz, MetalQuartz, TelmaGranit and DuraLast

The year 2013 involved a significant event: the 2 italian leading manufacturers, PLADOS and TELMA, joined their forced and experiences, creating one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities all over the world.


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