Our vision is to create a better everyday life for most people. This involves a long-term commitment for sustainability and a positive overall impact on the environment and humans. To achieve this, Plados-Telma undertakes to propose its products, known for excellent quality, aesthetic appeal and functionality, at competitive prices and not at the expense of these two essential aspects: environment and people. To translate into concrete action the sense of social and environmental responsibility, Plados-Telma promotes with great emphasis, green products allowing substantial savings of water and energy to the customer. Our environmental strategy is expressed in every stage of life of our products, from ideation to raw materials supply, from production to distribution and sales in stores, use, until the end of the life cycle, when the object becomes waste and must be disposed of or recycled. Our suppliers undertake not to use child labour, according with laws and ethical, social and environmental values. Plados-Telma commitment to environment and social, is made of motivation, awareness and investments. .

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