• Year 1991

Plados S.p.A. is born, with the aim of producing composite kitchen sinks. In a short time, the company manages to gain a prominent position in the international scenario.

• Year 2000

Inauguration of the new headquarters in Montecassiano (MC). The new plant covers approximately 10,000 square meters.

• Year 2003

The companies PLADOS and TELMA (Telma founded in 1981, the first Italian company to produce composite sinks) combine their strengths and experiences, creating one of the most advanced composite sink production centers in the world.

• Year 2004

Plados-Telma Group is the first company in the world to offer an antibacterial sinks able to inhibit the development of bacteria, thanks to the use of silver ions.

• Year 2010

Inauguration of the new raw material production plant, developed with cutting-edge technology and fully automated. The structure has a total area of ​​3,500 square meters.

• Year 2012

ARIAPURA: The sink that breathes.
Plados-Telma group introduces the sink that purifies the air in the kitchen. Thanks to the titanium dioxide nanoparticles and their photocatalytic action
ARIAPURA sinks perform a triple action:

– Anti-pollutant
– Antibacterial
– Self-cleaning

• Year 2013

The company gets an important recognition from the European Commission.
The project Green sinks (production of ecological sinks with secondary raw materials) has been approved and funded by the LIFE program, the European Community’s environment fund. It is one of 12 Italian industrial projects financed by Europe during the two-year period 2013-2015.

• Year 2018

Nanostone is the newest Plados-Telma material, able to have the best mechanical and aesthetic features that a composite sink can have. Thanks to the innovative high-tech mineral fillers able to bond with each other in a three-dimensional lattice, the structure of the sink is reinforced by the inside.

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