How a 'RINNOVA' sink is created

Refurbished Raw Materials instead of Virgin Raw Materials

Our aim was to maximise the use of organic (mma+pmma) and inorganic (mineral fillers) raw materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill, so as not to resort to non-renewable virgin raw materials. Through a process of regeneration of recovered materials, we have obtained a green compound at the origin that guarantees the same chemical, physical, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics as the traditional compound of the plados telma sinks. The quality of the final product is identical, the difference is made by the origin of the raw material, a difference capable of being added value.

Circular economy generates new value

Refurbished Raw Materials instead of Virgin Raw Materials

The circular economy is a production model that is based on the reuse and recycling of existing raw materials to generate new value, thus helping to reduce waste and extend the product life cycle.

 The renovation sink follows the circular recycle-produce-use model from recovered raw material of more than 90%.

 Being green at source means transformare something that is already available into a resource, giving value to internal and external production waste, thus avoiding the depletion of non-renewable natural resources.

The Green Revolution by Plados Telma

The raw material, production processes, resources, the product

For the environment, for the people

Nature, persone and economy are the connected and interdependent terms of the same relationship; acting for the environment means generating growth in value for communities all over the world. For this reason, the green commitment of Plados Telma invests in the origin of the raw material, the production processes, the efficient use of energy and water resources, the product and the product life cycle, with the ultimate aim of building corporate sustainability.
componenti green ? 90%


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