What are composite sinks made of?
composite material consists of 80% granite and quartz microparticles, and 20% acrylic resin.

Is this material heat resistant?
Yes, our sinks resist thermal shock, even the most violent, and at very high temperatures (up to 280 °) without being permanently damaged.

Is it scratch resistant?
The very high percentage of mineral filler present in the mixture makes our sinks very resistant to scratches and wear. Most of our models are equipped with a special anti-scratch surface designed to preserve all parts such as the bottom of the tanks and the drainer avoiding wear due to use and daily action.

Do the sinks color fade over time?
Color is the characteristic element of the PLADOS-TELMA sinks. Thanks to the excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays the colors of the PLADOS-TELMA sinks remain vivid and unaltered over time and maintain all their brilliance. The color does not change even if the sink is exposed to direct sunlight.

Can stains appear? If so, how can they be cleaned?
Our sinks are very resistant to the daily action of aggressive substances and food. The non-porosity of the surfaces allows a quick cleaning of the sink using a normal detergent and the simple action of a dishcloth or sponge. The sink is always fresh, clean and hygienic. Limescale deposits can be easily removed with universal detergents easily available on the market, anti-limescale products or by depositing vinegar (in addition to water) on the bottom of the tank for a period of 4-8 hours. Then rinse the sink, clean it with a sponge and a dry cloth.

Are there specific products for cleaning composite sinks?
Plados-Telma offers a line of detergents specifically designed for the treatment of composite sinks.
FOR DAILY CLEANING: BRILLCARE is a water based detergent, formulated with quickly biodegradable plant derived materials and recognized and certified ECOLABEL. It is ideal for the daily cleaning of Plados sinks and of all washable kitchen surfaces. FOR EXTRAORDINARY CLEANING: EXTRACARE is a descaling detergent based on water for extraordinary cleaning. Active against the most stubborn dirt, it has been designed not to damage the shine of composite sinks. Thanks to its dense formulation, it is also suitable for vertical application. The product dries very slowly, allowing the active agents contained in the mixture to react for as long as possible. To find out more, visit the products page.

There are products that can be combined with the colour of sink?
In our product range there are Mixers, Ovens, Hobs and Hoods with the same color of the sink. All our sinks can be combined with the mixers in the range.

How can i drill the mixer hole?
Our sinks can be drilled with a diamond coated drill bit with a diameter of 35-37 mm. All sinks are provided with pre-punched holes for taps and other accessories (soap dispenser, automatic drain, etc …), in many models there are more pre-punched holes so the installer can decide where to place the tap.

How many years of warranty are provided for your sinks?
All Plados-Telma sinks are guaranteed against thermal shock breakages.
The warranty years vary depending on the chosen material:

• nanoSTONE sinks are guaranteed for 20 years.
• microULTRAGRANIT/TelmaGRANIT and ULTRAMETAL/METALQUARTZ sinks are guaranteed for 10 years.
• Ultraquartz/Duralast sinks are guaranteed for 6 years.

Why two commercial brands?
In the past, Plados and Telma were competitors. In 2003 they joined forces and experiences, giving life to one of the largest and most advanced production centers for composite sinks. The two historical brands remain distinct, with a different design of well-defined products and sales networks.

ARIAPURA is a technology developed by our research laboratories and consists in adding to the mixture of the composite material of titanium dioxide nanoparticles. This natural component, in the presence of artificial or solar light, triggers a phenomenon called “photocatalysis” that transforms the polluting particles present in the kitchen into harmless mineral salts. A sink equipped with the ARIAPURA technology performs a triple action:


To learn more visit this page.

How many years of warranty are provided for the Mixers?
Mixers are guaranteedfor2 years.

How many years of warranty are provided for appliances?
Hobs and Hobs are guaranteedfor2 years.

Where can I buy your products?
You can contact us and request the name of the local distributor.

How can I get assistance?
The service center is active from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30.

• SINKS AND MIXERS: we provide 3 modes:
1) Fill out the assistance form, here on the website.
2) Call our direct number of Plados-Telma assistance: +39 0733-299483
3) Write an email to the email address: assis[email protected]

Contact your local service center. Click here to learn more.

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