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Delta Lab is the division of the Plados-Telma Group dedicated to research, development and innovation, as well as to the production and formulation of quartz-based acrylic materials for its own production of kitchen sinks and to the production of ATH-based acrylic formulations for the bathroom sector and for the furniture sector as a whole.

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Delta Lab has a state-of-the-art chemical-physical laboratory equipped with sophisticated and advanced technological research instruments where expert and qualified personnel work, with high technical-scientific skills, able to carry out a wide range of chemical and mechanical tests, both for internal purposes and for external subjects, both public and private.

In fact, Delta Lab's staff is made up of specialized technicians, mechanical and chemical engineers, researchers and university innovators, collaborating for many years with the Chemistry Department of the University of Camerino.

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The Structure

The facility covers an area of 3,500 square meters, including offices, testing areas, chemical-physical laboratories, a raw material processing and production plant, unique in Europe, developed with cutting-edge technologies and fully automated, and large storage areas for raw materials such as mineral fillers and polymers.

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Chemical Analysis

We analyse, by means of standardised and accurate control procedures, each raw material involved in the production process of acrylic dispersions, as well as the characteristics of incoming raw materials, semi-finished products and composite materials. We study and optimize the chemical formulations and evaluate through scientific methodology the qualitative constancy of the various components.

In order to do this we make use of technologically advanced tools:

Digital viscometers, spectro-photocolorimeters for color definition, DEA, DSC, Rheometers, automated thermobalances, electronic microscopes, mixers, vertical agitators, molding simulators on plates, thermostatic baths and muffles.

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Chemical-Physical Tests

We have dedicated an entire area to the realization of chemical-physical tests on applied products. We carry out tests on our composite materials during product development, to improve their technical characteristics and avoid the occurrence of defects in use, and lengthen the life of the product at the customer's home, such as:

hardness measurement with "HRM hardness tester", instant impact resistance with "Charpy resilience", elastic modules for traction and flexion, scratch resistance with "SCRATCH test" and "TABER test" to measure abrasion resistance on sink surfaces. The R&D laboratory applies all quality control procedures, according to ISO 9001.

Our Partners

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DELTA's research and development team, our driving force for both product and process innovation, works crosswise and synergistically with the production and design process.

The company has developed and successfully completed several R&D projects on environmental and eco-sustainable issues.

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