• Avoid placing pots, pans or other hot objects in excess of 280° C on the surface of the sink (CAUTION! The bottom of a pot or pan just removed from the burner can reach temperatures of over 600°C).
• Pots, pans and other hot objects must be placed on appropriate potholders (made of wood, rubber, etc.). Avoid causing excessive thermal shock due to the presence of very hot and very cold objects on the sink at the same time.
• Do not use the sink as a cutting surface: rather, use a cutting board made of hardwood or polyethylene, which can be purchased together with the sink.
• The use of wire baskets or small tubs made of polycarbonate (which can be purchased together with the sink) can reduce the risk of accidental damage.
• Do not use abrasive detergents, acid substances or metal sponges to clean the sink because they scratch the surface, making it susceptible to stains.
• Heavy or pointed objects that fall on the surface of the sink can damage it.
• Scratches and chips on the surface of the sink can be removed using sandpaper and then a coat of polish.
CAUTION! Do not pour alcohol, gasoline, trichloroacetic acid or any solvents in general into or onto the sink because they could react with the chemical structure of the composite material and damage it beyond repair.


• Clean the sink regularly after each use with warm water and a liquid detergent (LIQUID AJAX, etc. are excellent for this type of surface) and a soft cloth. Generic stains should be removed immediately.
• Cleaning powders and creams which are even slightly abrasive should not be used, nor chemically aggressive detergents.
• Abrasive cleaning products can be used only under exceptional circumstances, e.g. when a cigarette burn must be removed; however, these products should be used with extreme care.
• Marks caused by foods or liquid which stain easily, i.e. tea, coffee, fruit juice and the like, must be removed immediately with very hot water and a cleaning product.
• Special stains, such as those caused by Indian ink, ink, oil-based stains or paints, etc., must be removed immediately. If these stains are difficult to remove, use a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol.
• For organic stains which are especially difficult to remove, it is recommended that you fill the sink with a highly diluted organic cleaner such as bleach and let stand overnight. The next morning, rinse with warm water and a soft cloth.
• Lines caused by contact between a pot or fork and the surface of the sink should be removed with a cloth or sponge and liquid detergent.
• Cover the bottom of the sink with a solution of normal vinegar and water (or a product specifically designed to fight lime buildup) and let stand for a few hours. Then, rub the bottom of the sink vigorously with the stiff side of a sponge until the lime, dirt and stains have been removed. Rinse thoroughly with water.



Plados-Telma now offers a line of detergents specifically designed for the treatment of composite material sinks.
BRILLCARE is a daily-use cleaner, EXTRACARE is a descaling detergent for stubborn dirt.


BRILLCARE is a water-based detergent formulated with quickly biodegradable plant-derived agents, recognized and certified ECOLABEL. It’s ideal for daily cleaning of Plados-Telma sinks and all washable surfaces in the kitchen. The formula provides excellent cleaning with an easy application; BRILLCARE is kind to surfaces and leaves no streaks.


  • Good degreasing power 
  • Nice smell
  • Ecofriendly

Fields of use:

  • Cleaning of composite material sinks and all washable surfaces in the kitchen


EXTRACARE is a water-based descaling detergent  for extra cleaning. Active against the most stubborn dirt, it is designed not to damage the shine of composite material sinks. Due to its dense formulation is also indicated to be applied on vertical surfaces. The product, for its characteristics, dries very slowly, allowing the active agents contained in the mixture to react for the longest possible time. It is very esy to apply and leaves no streaks.


  • Easy to use on vertical surfaces
  • Delicate on sensitive materials
  • Effective against the most stubborn dirt

Fields of use:

  • Cleaning of compound material sinks and all washable surfaces in the kitchen.


TERRA BIANCA is a paste detergent, antibacterial, non-abrasive, which polishes and protects all srufaces even the most delicate. The package contains a double sponge with a soft side (white) and an abrasive side (blue). Cleanses and removes grease from kitchen surfaces, including the sink, with a pleasant lemon fragrance.


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